I first started taking photographs around 1998, which paralleled the start of my infatuation with Britney Spears. I would set up scenes of my Britney Barbies in front of hand-drawn backdrops or tucked inside of my baby blue slippers like a sleeping bag and take photos with my mom’s point-and-shoot camera. (You can see these photographs in "Early Work"). At the time I felt like I was taking portraits of my favorite pop star, but now I understand them as still lives. This photographic relationship between a still life and a portrait– between life and death, the permanent and the temporary, the animate and the inanimate– has remained essential to my work twenty years later.

I was born and raised in Western North Carolina. In 2017 I received my BA in Photography from Bard College, and I now work in the photography department at Bard. I am currently based out of Tivoli, New York.